YARD SIGNS – Advertising dollars well spent

Signsational Graphics Yard Sign for AS Livng Now

An eye-catchy yard sign

Yard signs in front of homes having Real Estate, Painters, Roofers, Landscapers, Remodelers, Home Interiors, For Sale or Garage Sales messages.  Most traffic will be moving slow enough to see your message. If you are on a busier street, you may want to look at our 24×36 coroplast signs and larger aluminum yard signs to ensure the visibility of your message for the heavier traffic

The usual sign in a residential neighborhood is 18”x24” where slower traffic will easily read it. When setting a sign on a busier traffic area, Signsational Graphics recommends a 24”x36” sign. Coroplast is a plastic material ideally used for outdoor weather conditions. A coroplast yard sign should be perfect for durability and are economical. An aluminum sign could be a long term solution, if your signage will stay at that site for longer than a few weeks.


  • Many colors available
  • Colored lettering available
  • All sizes available
  • Variety of sign materials
  • Different mounting methods available
  • Multiple sizes available

Signsational Graphics will assist with decisions about size, color and impact. If you need signs any size, custom material or contour, call us @ 651 633-2233 or email signsationalnews@yahoo.com.

Lawn & Yard Signs are one of the most economical, visible means of advertising available today.