Work Environment and Employee Productivity

Lobby SignEmployee productivity is critical to running a successful and efficient business, but all too often the opportunities for improving it get overlooked. Studies have shown that making positive changes in the work environment can reduce complaints, absenteeism, and turnover all while increasing productivity. Now, not all companies can afford to have offices like Google, but even the smallest changes can still have huge impacts. A better workplace motivates employees and it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

No matter what your budget, spending money on improving the work environment is the most cost effective way of increasing productivity; even a small percentage increase in productivity can have powerful effects on profitability. And beyond the benefits you can expect to see for your employees, any customers or clients that visit your workspace will be impressed by the details.

The factors that commonly cause employee job stress and dissatisfaction include lighting, ventilation, safety, temperature, company culture, and the visual environment. Some of these may require quite the investment to improve upon, but with Signsational Graphics, you can easily and affordably improve the visual elements of your workplace with wall murals and decals. We understand the impact that color and design have, and we will work with you to create a beautiful and motivating workspace. Whether you are looking for highly saturated, bright colors to stimulate, or soft, muted colors to soothe, Signsational Graphics can do it all! Call us today at 651 633-2233 to get started on improving your company’s morale and productivity.