What Do I Need to Know About Digital Signage? Pt. 1

Digital signage and advertising can be a little confusing, and very overwhelming, due to the vast amount of types, features, applications, and placements, but that’s where we come in. In the following paragraphs, we are going to briefly cover the basics of these aspects and hopefully help clear a path for you to start on your digital signage journey.

First of all, it is important to know the basic types of digital signage and what their purposes are.

  • Dynamic digital signage is probably the most common, utilizing moving images or animations to attract the customer’s attention. These displays can be anywhere from plain and simple to elaborate and detailed, based on your needs and design.
  • Static digital signage is just the opposite; it features still images that usually change out or rotate. This type is cheaper than the dynamic alternative, although it isn’t as engaging if that is your aim.
  • Interactive digital signage is similar to your smartphone, but on a larger scale and purely for advertising or raising brand awareness. These displays encourage customers to approach and interact with their features, commonly providing information by means of a simple game or series of actions.
  • Queuing digital signage is one of the least common, at least in our area, and is mainly used for wayfinding and directions. Essentially, they help direct customers and get them where they are going.