Vinyl Wall Graphics Perk Up Any Office Space

At Signsational Graphics, we definitely like to tout the benefits of wall graphics. We’ve told you before that they are affordable, convenient, versatile, and beautiful, but where are people putting them?


Considering that your lobby is likely the first impression a customer will have with your business, it is important to make sure it is comfortable and inviting. Stark white walls seem rigid and cold, but decals can distract and give visitors something visually stimulating to look at. They will also be impressed by the company’s care and attention to detail, improving their perception of your business as a whole.

Conference Rooms

Vinyl wall graphics are excellent for injecting a little life into a boring, windowless conference room. You don’t want to distract employees or visitors from the matters at hand, but even something as simple as placing your company logo or mission statement on the walls energizes the space.

Break Rooms

To help refresh employees during their break, give them something beautiful and inspiring to look at. Vivid nature scenes add that fresh, outdoor touch that encourage employees to return to work feeling motivated and rejuvenated.


Often ignored, hallways are a great setting for both simple and elaborate vinyl wall graphics. Get creative and feature a timeline of the company, or other interesting tidbits that relate to your business. Those who visit your space will take the time to look at these details and remember the unique experience after they leave.

Other Common Areas

Additional meeting spaces can always use a creative touch. You want visitors to feel comfortable and enjoy the aesthetically pleasing aspects, which add to the overall appeal of your business and practices. Consider adorning the walls with a map of your locations or distribution centers. Or, if you prefer the look of text in that environment, you can feature core company facts, or reiterate your mission statement.


Don’t miss a chance to turn that bland wall surface into a branding machine or a cost-effective advertising opportunity. Call us today at 651 633-2233 to add some life and character to your workspace.