Vehicle Wrap Care & Maintenance

Beautiful Car Wrap for Potter's Pasties and PiesWe’ve shared with you before the benefits of vinyl vehicle wraps & decals, but once everything is said and done, how long can you expect it to stay intact?

Harsh weather conditions, where the vehicle is stored, and the amount of time spent on the road can all potentially shorten the wrap’s lifespan, but there are some basic steps you can take to keep it looking fresh and professional as long as possible.


Keeping your wrapped vehicle clean is the most effective way to keep it looking new, but you can’t necessarily wash it in the same way you would any other vehicle. Automatic washes are not recommended, as the brushes can potentially scratch or peel the graphics, so hand washing is the safest method. Rinse the vehicle off with water, then, using a mild detergent, clean the graphics with a very soft cloth or sponge. Be careful not to scrub any part too hard, as it can impact the integrity of the wrap. To dry, you can choose to either air dry, or dry using a microfiber cloth. Afterwards, it is safe to hand wax basic wraps every few months for added protection from the elements. Do not wax any matte or textured finishes as it can distort their intended appearance.


When your vehicle isn’t on the road, it is important to properly store it to cut down on the negative impact of certain weather conditions. Sun, snow, rain, and air pollutants can potentially damage your graphics, so it is best to keep the vehicle in a garage. If a garage is not available, cloth covers will protect it and, unlike some other materials, it won’t scratch the surface. If you have to park it outside in the winter and it snows, make sure to use only a soft brush for snow removal, and never a scraper as they can easily scratch and peel the graphics.

And don’t forget: don’t procrastinate! If you notice a small portion peeling away after a while, have it fixed as soon as possible to ensure the problem doesn’t worsen. Most times it is a simple fix and can be done in less than a few minutes, saving you from a much larger headache down the road.

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