Vehicle Advertising

Lettering and Logo for EZ Home SolutionsAs you drive to work in the morning or run about on your lunch break, you notice how many businesses are using their vehicles to promote their business. Vehicle advertising is growing more popular every day. Cars, Trucks, Vans and even Boats have been branded. There are many levels of advertising from the sticker displaying the company name and phone number to the entire vehicle covered in multi-colored, flashy wrap. Many factors go into the decision of how to decorate your vehicle.

  1. Target Market – The design will begin with your logo and branding. Your design will reflect your marketing showing your company id and contact information.
  2. High Tech – Often a QR code is incorporated into the design. Anyone with a Smart Phone can click to be directed to your website, special offers or contact information.
  3. Mobility – You will increase your sales simply by driving your wrapped vehicle around the city doing errands or visiting your customers.
  4. Cost – You’ll get a lot of mileage out of advertising. Cost per impression is extremely low compared to other advertising expenses.

If you are considering adding vehicle advertising, either lettering, decals or full wrap, we can discuss options, costs and designs with impact.  Contact us anytime!