Upscale Sandblasted Look with Vinyl Frosting

Signsational WorkPrivacy FactorVinyl frosting is a technique which is an alternative to sandblasting or etching glass. It can be used with decorative purposes or for office signs, exterior window logos and commercial messages. It can be removed without permanently affecting the glass for sign and rebranding changes.

Frosted glass is ideal for emphasizing a corporate image at building entrances while harmonizing with the existing architecture. Vinyl is an excellent tool for highlighting and increasing a brand’s precedence and recognition.

Mirrors are an excellent element to work with when it comes to sandblasting, providing an infinite number of decorative alternatives and possibilities.

With old building restorations, Signsational Graphics will replicate original window decorations or create new designs in accordance with the period’s architecture. Glass motifs may be chosen including monograms and floral designs, using a bas-relief technique.

Every design imaginable can be sandblasted in glass doors, windows and walls, be it logos, business information or original artwork designs. Sandblasted glass brings elegance and distinction.

The frosting technique is a cost effective alternative to sandblasting for frosting or etching glass. Signsational Graphics will enhance for decorative purposes or for office signs, exterior window signs, branding.