Trade Show Displays: I Didn’t Know You Did That!

Trade Show Display by Signsational GraphicsAttending a trade show as an exhibitor is a great way for our clients to highlight the products and services they offer, but just showing up at a trade show does not guarantee success. We have seen many companies invest time and money but don’t plan properly and therefore reduce the potential revenue they may have received during a trade show.

It is important to select the appropriate trade show display, which is only limited by your imagination and budget. For big booths we recommend hanging structures as a starting point before coming to ground level. This makes it easy for the consumers to spot you from anywhere in the hall. Hanging structures also display confidence and success which will be noticed not only by your potential customers but also by your fellow exhibitors. Circular and square are the most common hanging structure.

At ground level the pop up display is becoming the norm due to the size and look. A typical pop up displays sets up in 1 to 2 minutes and can cover 60 square ft. and larger. The booth will be the envy of fellow exhibitors as you pack up in less than 2 minutes. For your business to look fabulous and be successful a pop-up display designed with your logo, minimal text and visually captivating will drive traffic to the booth.

Pull up banners or retractable banners are used as an additional display product highlighting contact or product information. Focus on the bigger picture and a few major products or services and if they are interested they will search for more information. Again retractable banners or x-frames setup in a few minutes. For the budget minded exhibitors banners are the go to product. The placement can be at the back of the booth or if a table is present hang from the front. We recommend not having a table at the front of the booth as this is not inviting. Usually a logo/product is the key image on the banner.

Signsational Graphics is capable of producing these and many other types of trade show products (floor graphics, x-frames, double sided retractable banner stands, skirts and table top displays). Call us today at 651 633-2233 and we’ll be happy to give you more tips and advice to make your trade show a success hit.