‘Tis (Almost) the Season

Holiday Sandwich BoardAs the weather turns colder, business owners are beginning to prepare their stores and inventories for the busy shopping season. Don’t forget the signage, because sign and banner design is especially important when promoting your pre- and post-holiday sales. When done right and well-placed, they will help you meet your seasonal revenue goals at a time when all other merchants are trying to do the same thing.

During the festive season, as shoppers are bustling through retail stores, holiday-themed sale announcement signs help to both inform and entice them on their purchases. Generally speaking, consumers open their wallets more during the holiday season, but it’s often the sales promotions that encourage them to partake in any additional or ‘impulse’ spending. Holiday signs and banners are also great for indoor and outdoor advertising of your in store specials, driving traffic into your business, rather than with other retailers online.

Signsational Graphics offers a completely customizable service, allowing you to tailor-make any of our offerings to your exact specifications. We’ll help you to expand business and promote your holiday products and sales. Give us a call at 651 633-2233 to order your custom posters, signs, banners, decals and stickers.