Tips for Creating a Great Business Sign

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One of the most important factors in having a great sign is to make sure it was created by a professional. Homemade signs are often poorly designed and constructed, and may communicate to potential customers that your business is the same. A sharp, attractive, and professional sign tells the community that you are about your business and the way it is perceived.

Choose Colors Wisely

If you are just starting your business and are having your very first sign made, think very carefully about your color scheme and logo. Many companies offer logo design services if you need one made, and they will also collaborate with you on figuring out what colors will look the best and fit your brand the best. As a general rule of thumb, oranges, yellows, and reds are high-arousal colors, and blues, greens, and violets are low-arousal colors.

Make Sure it’s Readable

If it isn’t easily read, a sign is almost worthless. Cars passing by your location have a very small window of time to be able to notice, register, and absorb your sign’s message and it will benefit your business to make the most out of that time. Make sure they can easily read your business name, quickly spot your logo, and read the entirety of any additional wording that may be featured. Your designer should be able to help you pick the perfect font and size to achieve this.

Include a Tag Line

If the space and design allows for it, it’s a good idea to include a tag line or company slogan on your signage. It helps drive home the message of your business and brings the community closer to what you do. A catchy and creative slogan will also help reinforce your brand in the mind of customers, prompting them to come back to your business time and time again.

Be Creative!

The overall aesthetic of your sign will speak to the nature of your business, so don’t be afraid to show it! Today, sign design and manufacturing allows for near limitless customization and variety and, besides your budget, your imagination is truly the limit. A well-designed, creative, and imaginative sign that speaks to your company will not only garner interest, but it will also spark a conversation in the community that draws awareness to your services. If you’re lucky enough, maybe your sign will even become an unofficial local landmark!

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