Temporary Banners For Eye-Catching Advertising

Custom Banner Sign Saint Paul Minneapolis ParishThere are many benefits to using a temporary banner for advertising. Businesses can increase their revenue quite substantially this way by increasing awareness about their brand and what kind of value they offer. Numerous companies have used banners for many years to advertise sales, showcase products or services, and promote events or discounts. Temporary banners can be printed in many different sizes and colors, are made to hold up in all kinds of weather, and can contain nearly any impertinent information you and the designer see fit. Most banners are large enough to catch a motorist’s eye as they drive by, helping to draw customers in from both the sidewalk and off the road.

The Process

Ordering a banner is a very simple process. After answering a few questions aimed at understanding your advertising needs, an artwork sample can be created for your approval. Once the greenlight is given, it is then sent to the print department to be created. Depending on the urgency of the product, turnaround times can vary from a few hours to a few days.

The Uses

Banners can be utilized in nearly any advertising situation: trade shows, swap meets, flea markets, store openings, relocations, product debuts, new management announces, anything! Many times, these banners are simply placed out in front of the business and left to draw in customers, essentially letting the owner relax and focus on the customer’s experience.

The Upkeep

Banners are normally very easy to install and remove. Most banners have metal grommets in the corners and middle, but some come with rope or plastic attaching brackets. Proper maintenance and care will allow the business to reuse the banner as needed. Banners are typically made out of an outdoor vinyl, meaning that rain and snow won’t impact it like it would other materials. As long as you clean it with water and a mild detergent every once in a while, it should last for seasons to come.

I think we can all agree, nothing catches your eye like a bright, colorful banner advertising something you really want or need. If you are looking to promote your event, banners are a very effective way to get the message across and create awareness. Call Signsational Graphics at 651 633-2233 to get your next advertising project started.