Spring Is Here! Get the Scoop on Sign Maintenance

Exterior Sign InstallationHaving an exterior business sign is a crucial piece to a successful marketing strategy. Not only does it let customers know where your business is located, but it can also communicate what you do and how well you do it. After your sign is designed, crafted, and installed, it is important to keep up a regular maintenance routine to ensure it is always doing its job and looking its best. The following are some tips to keep your exterior signs on the right track.

Have a plan

Your sign should be inspected on a monthly basis, both during the day and at night if it is illuminated. During periods of heavy rain, snow, or wind, it should be checked even more often. Things to check for include loose or broken faces, open or corroded wiring, loose foundations, defective fasteners, and burned out bulbs.

Keep it clean

Keeping your sign clean shows customers that you care about your business and its image. It also greatly lengthens the life of your sign, since dirt and other debris not only look bad, but can damage aspects of the sign as well. While cleaning, check for cracks, and chipped or peeling paint. These problem areas can easily be touched-up when they are minor, but can be a headache to deal with if you let it go for too long, especially cracks. As a part of your cleaning regiment, remember to also lubricate any moving parts, such as hinges.

Don’t forget the inside

Not only is it important to keep the exterior of your sign clean, but the interior, too. Clogged drain holes can cause the sign to retain water, leading to rapid deterioration and potentially dangerous electrical problems. Clear out any leaves, insects, dirt, or debris to prevent a much larger issue down the road.

Now, if this all sounds time consuming or a little overwhelming to you, don’t worry! At Signsational Graphics, we offer care and maintenance for both interior and exterior business signs that will help them to look great for years to come. Give us a call at 651 633-2233 for more sign maintenance tips, or to get started on your next business sign project!