Show Them The Way With Directional Signage

Directional SignsPretend you are new to the neighborhood and need to find particular type of store. You ask a neighbor and he tells you that there was one not too far down the road, close to other stores. You decide to take a drive to see if you can find it. As you stop at a light, you notice a large directional sign located in a parking lot with the name and logo of the store you are looking for. How much easier did that directional sign make things?

Having this kind of signage can be truly critical in giving your customers a pleasant experience. Directional, or wayfinding signage, helps alleviate stress and confusion for anyone trying to find your business and to navigate their way through it once inside. When utilized efficiently, these can be a simple and practical way to add to your customer’s positive experience, while simultaneously reinforcing your brand in their minds.

These wayfinding signs provide almost limitless possibilities when it comes to design and location. When branded and placed further away from your business, they can serve as directions to those on the highway or any other major roadway near your location. This not only broadly advertises your company, but also draws the customer directly to you. Signs should be mapped strategically around the grounds of the business so they are visible to both motorists and pedestrians, maximizing your potential audience. With a uniformed and strategic approach for the signage, more customers will navigate towards the business.

The sign design is also very important in drawing in customers, as a colorful and attractive sign will be more inviting. Use this opportunity to really showcase your brand, introducing the logo of the business along with the name. If you aren’t sure about  your current design, consult employees and/or current customers and get their opinion on it. You may be surprised at what those around  you have to say, and what great ideas they may have in changing your corporate image.

Of course, you can always count on Signsational Graphics to design your business effectively branded and unique directional signage for your business. Give us a call at 651 633-2233 with any questions, or to just get started on improving your business.