Sandwich Boards and A-Frames Are Perfect For Simple and Reliable Advertising

First impressions count in all areas of life, but especially in business. Where is the first impression of a business formed? Usually, this happens before the customer even sets foot in a building. Signs are often the very first way that a business is able to communicate in a meaningful way with potential customers. Good signage can influence shoppers to walk into a business who otherwise might not. In some cases, a well-placed sandwich board, A-frame sign or other type of portable sign may alert people to the existence of the store that is in an out-of-the-way location. Signage is the most basic form of advertising and can be managed even on a relatively tight budget.

Benefits of Sandwich Boards, A-Frames, and Other Portable Signage

First, they are portable. This means that wherever the traffic is, the owner of a business can easily move a sign to alert potential customers to the business and any sales they might be having. Since they are so versatile, they can be placed near sidewalks, at entrances to a mall, or even in a front yard. In fact, any place where they may get the attention of passersby could be considered ideal.

Second, they are sturdy. The fact that sandwich boards may be made of weather resistant or weatherproof materials means that they can be placed outdoors for lengthy periods of time with few or no concerns. You no longer have to watch the forecast and worry about pulling your signage indoors. Let it advertise in any kind of weather!

Third, they can be used to convey different types of information about a business and its offerings. While sidewalk boards tend to be static, there are also types made in a way that the information can be easily updated. Does a business have a sale underway? New location? What about new stock? A sandwich board can be used to alert potential customers to any new developments and offers that may make them want to venture in to the store.

Finally, the simplicity of these signs is another aspect that may be overlooked by many. In an age when touchscreen phones and other types of LCD screens are everywhere, many people may actually be drawn to the refreshing old fashioned simplicity of static a sandwich board, A-frame sign or other type of sidewalk sign.