Quality Lobby Signs Make For A Great First Impression

89737e9d-7ab5-4906-93db-1796197c5951The seasoned businessman or businesswoman understands the importance of brand visibility in as many relevant forums as possible. Banner advertisements that capture the most important aspects of a business’ message, done in a tasteful and artistic way, have a high success rate for bringing in more potential customers than any other offline medium. Even for those companies that have chosen to go online, the quality of their website’s landing page is really just an online lobby sign to the rest of their business.

As very much a part of any worthwhile marketing plan, where the goal is to get people to come in to a physical location, office signage is a final, important part of solidifying brand identity. When done correctly, a lobby sign creates the right atmosphere and “level” of the company. For example, an auto mechanic shop should probably stay away from platinum-embossed office signage with calligraphic lettering, because this just comes across as too much for the type of service being offered and casts a strong dissonance with the rest of the equipment in the room. In the business world, there are certain colors and color combinations that are well known to convey specific messages all by themselves. It can only help a service to have a lobby sign that incorporates these seamlessly into an appropriate design.

The general look of an office is enhanced with the right lobby sign. It can essentially burn the character of the company into the memory of the customer; especially when done right. Today’s business owners must understand the importance of utilizing all the portable technology that’s around today to the fullest extent. What does this mean? With Smartphones and Tablet PCs everywhere, people walking into a business can immediately take snapshots of the ones they like, and send them to a large social network of friends. What better, comprehensive representation than the lobby sign or other prominently displayed office signage, to tell all those people in their social media network precisely what the business is about? Attractive lobby signs are practically begging to be photographed. Just like out-of-office banners, in-office signage can bring in people, revenue, and help solidify the acquisition of new customers.

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