Pop Up and Pull Up Displays For Twin Cities Tradeshows

Custom Banner Sign Saint Paul Minneapolis ParishIf you are operating a new business or are actively marketing your products or services, you may wish to participate in a trade show. These offer the unique opportunity for niche businesses to attract new customers in their fields. Though there is plenty of potential exposure for your business at a trade show, you may be missing out on valuable networking and sales opportunities. It is important that your business puts its best face forward at such events. The best way to entice potential customers and clients is through visually appealing signage.

There are several signs and banner types that attract new clients. Your signs serve as an icebreaker, so their impact should be taken into careful consideration. The display or banner you choose may be restricted by your budget, but you should focus on getting the maximum return for your investment. Choose colorful images, bold text and concise, bullet-style talking points that pique a reader’s interest in your product or service.

A pop up display is an easy way to create visual appeal that draws customers from all over the event straight to you. Some pop ups stand behind your table, leaving you plenty of space for fliers, buttons, product demos or other promotional materials. Other pop ups rest on the top of your display table. Pop ups are easily assembled by one person and both styles are made of elastic fabric that stretches tightly over a collapsible frame. Pop ups are easily transported and do not wrinkle, making them a great solution for even last-minute obligations.

Pull up banners are an easy, cost-effective way to maximize impact. Smaller than a pop up, a pull up stands next to a table. Pull ups are so named because the sign is rolled into a base. A single operator can lift the top edge of the banner and pull the rest up to its full height, usually over six feet. They are incredibly effective marketing tools (when designed by experienced professionals who can make the most of the banner format) coupled with an excellent table presentation.

At Signsational Graphics , we offer a variety of eye-catching signage options to optimize your exposure and motivate potential customers to approach your booth. We will fully customize your display or banner, giving completely unique appeal to your business. Call us today at 651 633-2233 to speak with one of our representatives about your trade show sign implementation.