Our Recent Projects: Frosted Windows

Is your space looking a little blah? Unsure how to combat this boring atmosphere? Look no further than frosted vinyl vinyl! It’s the best way to completely revamp your office space quickly and conveniently. Our frosted window films:

  • Filter out harmful ultraviolet rays
  • Maximize natural light
  • Block heat, saving on energy costs
  • Add a layer of insulation to your windows to help maintain the temperature
  • Provide privacy without sacrificing light
  • Easily modified or removed when changing your branding or location
  • Help provide a comfortable environment for both clients and employees
  • Added security to your windows when using certain types of vinyl

Check out this gallery of some of our most recent frosted vinyl installs. There are endless styles and options available, so talk to one of our experts today!

Click here to see the rest of our frosted vinyl idea gallery.