Our Projects: Decorative Window Vinyl

We were happy to be contacted by Cummins Law Office to help with their latest corporate branding project at their Minneapolis location. The windows to their front entrance were looking a little dull, so we stepped in to jazz them up a bit. They were looking for a new vinyl logo graphic for the door, and we were eager to get started. In the image provided, you can see how well the finished product turned out.

The representatives at Cummins Law had a clean and professional image in mind, something that truly reflects their firm. The soft blue letter “C” pops out against the stark white lettering as you approach their office, and doesn’t get lost against the subdued olive wall that acts as background.

To create this vinyl logo graphic, we started with color selection. Cummins Law of course already had a logo, so we didn’t need to design anything from scratch, but we did have to find the perfect shade of blue. It is slightly different from the somewhat darker blue in their regular logo, making it a little brighter and easier to spot from a distance. From there, it was a matter of sending the design to the die-cutter to be cut and defined. After weeding the excess vinyl, our simple and professional logo was ready to be installed. Installation for a product of this size and detail is fairly simple, requiring a clean surface and a just little bit of patience. Similar to applying a screen protector to your smartphone, if you get too hasty, you can end up with bubbles or tears.

If you are on the fence regarding whether or not to purchase window graphics for your business location, consider these benefits. Window graphics do a top-notch job of grabbing a customer’s eye and they make your location stand out against the competition. They also give a decorative and modern touch, showing customers that you care about your business and are willing to invest in its image. Frosted vinyl is also an option when thinking in terms of décor, which can regulate heat and provide privacy without sacrificing natural light.

If we’ve convinced you, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 651 633-2233. Even if you aren’t convinced, we are happy to answer any questions you may have and can provide a free, no obligation quote for your project. We have several vinyl graphic design and installation jobs under our belt and the professionals at Signsational Graphics guarantee 100% satisfaction.