Our Projects: Custom Trade Show Displays

We were approached by our friends at The Running Lab to help design and manufacture a basic trade show display for them. They weren’t looking for anything extravagant, just a well-designed table cover and an informational banner.

We went with blue fabric for the table cover, as it is often the color of health, and a mixture of medium to light green shades for the banner. This helps them contest against each other in an attractive and professional way.

In creating these pieces for their trade show display, we started with the table cover. Blue polyester fabric was used and their custom logo was imprinted onto what would become the front. The banner is a vinyl pull-up banner, which can be easily stored into its base and is perfect for a small space. The copy and images were tastefully designed for maximum impact, making it easy for a passerby to soak in the message.

These kinds of pieces for a trade show display have multiple benefits. First and foremost, branded and professional displays tell potential customers that you are a high-quality business that puts time and effort into their appearance. A table cover effectively showcases your logo and business name, which imprints in the attendees mind and will hopefully resonate with them even after they have left the event. A pull-up banner is the perfect way to display your message, making it easily accessible to those that are interested, as well as making for an additional talking piece for employees. Unlike some other banner options, these are compact and easily set up by a single person.

We’ve gotten through the first wave of trade shows for the year, but are you prepared for the next? Take a look at your existing display and try to evaluate how effective it has been for you. We specialize in attractive design, and are ready to help you on the way to a truly dazzling display. If you don’t have a trade show display, now is the time to get started! Give us a call at 651 633-2233 so you are ready to one-up the competition at your next trade show or event.


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