Lobby Signs Can Make A Huge Impact on Your Business

Lobby signs are a critical accessory when branding and representing your business. These signs, which generally feature

business names and logos, are usually one of the first things clients and customers will notice when entering your offices. Their appearance help clients create an initial judgment about the company and may leave a lasting impression. A well-designed lobby, office or reception placard can positively impact businesses’ success through these impressions.

Business owners should keep a few general rules in mind when designing signs for their offices:

First, neat, crisp fonts that are free of extra embellishments are the optimal choice to maximize readability. The clarity of simple text types makes the content more visible without taxing the eyes, which is something that complicated lettering often does.

Second, the size of lobby sign lettering must be considered to ensure the highest visibility. Signs designed for offices do not need to have the same proportions of billboards or outside placards. However, the text should be large enough to be easily read from the doorway of the location where it is displayed.

Third, the amount of text featured on a lobby sign is also important when making a remarkable impact. In general, the basic rule of “less is more” is ideal when sign design is concerned. A sign that is overcrowded with words is not only difficult to read, but this can create a somewhat undesirable or unprofessional feel. A straightforward office sign, displaying only a company name and logo, is often more effective than a sign that includes other auxiliary information.

Finally, color and size are also extremely important. Bold, pleasing colors that stand out will work with the overall design to make a lasting impression. If multiple colors are used, they should all contrast with each other, as well as their background, to guarantee maximized readability.

Business owners must keep certain considerations in mind when they are designing their own lobby signs. They should be aesthetically pleasing, while at the same time reflecting the professionalism of the business they represent. A cluttered composition with poor color, size, and space choices can doom a sign to failure before it is even installed. At Signsational Graphics, we work with you to ensure this is never the case. We will help you design a beautiful work of art that truly represents your unique brand. Give us a call at 651 633-2233 to discuss your individual needs and to get started on perfecting your company’s first impression.