Lightbox Signs For Business In Minneapolis-Saint Paul

Exterior Face Lift for Bellesons Saint Paul MinneapolisAdvertising with an illuminated lightbox goes back to the days when primitive signs were lit internally by candles.  It has always been an eye-catching option and, in the 21st century, few marketing devices have plummeted in price, while offering brighter and better technology, than the range of illuminated lightboxes. Really, no business that wants to stand out should be without one. Given the signage industry’s extensive range, no ‘brick and mortar’ business has any excuse for not standing out.   

Outdoor signage doesn’t have to be clunky and static; lightboxes make the message shine and are easy to set up and maintain over time. Marquee lightboxes are especially simple to take care of, which are the single-sided type you often see at sporting events and cinemas.

If your high-traffic areas are more indoors than out, lightboxes are a great solution for that as well! A slim-line lightbox gives energy efficiency combined with great lighting, creating the perfect ambiance in your professional environment. Snap frame lightboxes, are another option, being quick and easy to install, economical, and they allow several uses. Perfect for both static and rotating messages, any featured text or graphics can be easily changed when you need to make an update. 

So, when you are ready to look at your signage options, don’t forget the benefits of a lightbox sign. They are great for advertising, making your business more visible, and versatile, being almost completely customizable. For a free quote, or to ask any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 651 633233. Signsational Graphics has a great amount of experience with lightbox signs of all types and our staff can be your resident experts on your next signage project.