Life-size Models & Cutouts: I Didn’t Know You Did That!

Marilyn Monroe Cardboard CutoutWhen it comes to advertising your organization or business, it pays to get creative in your methods. Visual merchandising materials are great at grabbing customer attention, especially when it comes to custom cardboard cutouts. They’re interesting, versatile, and fun, and can be increasingly effective when designed as a part of your overall marketing plan.

Having a hard time figuring out where you would fit them in? Here are a few of the places we’ve seen them used, in both business and personal environments:

  • Birthday Parties
    • Perfect for all ages. Children can have a cutout of their favorite superhero, while an adult can have one of their favorite celebrities. These make for fun photo ops.
  • Graduations
    • Add a fun feature to the party with a cutout of the grad themselves!
  • Theater Lobbies
    • Cutouts of popular characters and movie posters help get moviegoers excited about upcoming films and give your features more publicity.
  • Anniversaries
    • Take a new or old photo of the celebrated couple and turn it into a cutout. It’s the perfect unique and memorable gift for a special occasion.
  • Reunions
    • Custom cutouts are a perfect talking piece, making them great for reunions. Whether it’s business, friends, or family, everyone is drawn to the fun appeal of a cutout.
  • Work Functions
    • Holiday parties, team-building exercises, conferences, and any other work function can always use a motivating force. If you have a mascot or anything else representative of your business or organization, turn it into a cutout!
  • Trade Shows
    • A cutout is a great visual way to market your business to potential customers without even having to directly get their attention. It’s hard to miss such a display and even if they don’t approach the booth, your brand will be in their mind and they will hopefully feel inclined to go back and find out more.
  • Storefront Displays
    • Cutouts have the same appeal in a storefront as they do as part of a trade show display. They grab attention of passersby and influence them to pay more attention to your display than they maybe would have without them. Have a new line endorsed by a celebrity? Use their image to influence a purchase!

Whatever the occasion, Signsational Graphics can make a wide variety of custom cardboard cutouts that fit both business and personal use. Give us a call at 651 633-2233 for a free, no obligation quote and to get started on this fun, unique project.