Getting the Most From Your Brand

LED Monument Sign Saint Paul MinneapolisBranding is more than just a name, a logo, or a taglines. In reality, rebranding is in the doing and it takes place when one touches his or her customer. Providing customer care or follow-up support, or building an ongoing relationship with his or her customers. Every encounter creates a positive impression at every stage of your business marketing.

When rebranding, the result will help one to brand his or her business and the brand that ones knows and trust, is the brand that consistently delivers a positive experience. Recently, corporate mergers have resulted in total rebrands. If organizations have failed to establish their brand or have been through any kind of turmoil a complete rebranding can refresh image. In these situations, the intent is to eliminate the previous brand identity and replace it with a completely new message and image.

Sometimes companies brand are outdated or new products are being introduced to the market. In those situations, when an established brand  needs a change, that brand is best served by altering rather than eliminating the longtime recognized rebrand that has been developed over many years.

Regardless of the reason for rebranding, there are numerous ways to make it happen. First, is to determine by the reason for wanting to change market perception. Second, consider if the the entire existing brand will be eliminated or modified. Lastly, position the company and employees for the change with the excitement and passion for the new brand.

Signsational Graphics has worked with numerous local businesses as they roll out their new brand image and marketing plans. If your company is going through a rebanding, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 651 633-2233. We’re able to assist with launching your new marketing campaign.

A quality brand is the key of a good business marketing strategy.