Getting Paid to Drive

Many companies have realized the advantages of using advertising on cars to bring in local business. You have seen many of these vehicles around the Cities, completely covered with an ad. The competition is fierce! A unique, recognizable look will be the best marketing tool for your business. The brilliant green chosen by the Bite Squad along with their logo get them noticed as the fleet drives the streets of Minneapolis.

If you drive a lot, install wraps on your vehicles. The cost seems high until you realize the impact of driving it as a billboard! Besides the big trucks and semi’s, if you drive a Volkswagen Beetle, a Charger, a Hummer or other SUV, your unique vehicles stand out and make a good choice for car wraps.

Car wraps won’t damage your car; it’s just like a giant layer of vinyl film! Some companies wrap the entire car, while others just cover a portion of it. The larger amount of the vehicle’s surface covered, the higher the payout.If you drive extensively, car wraps are a no-brainer. There is no sense in wasting time; with your fleet on the highway, your business can easily tell that you are driving the vehicles and getting exposure.

Learn more about Car Wraps by calling 651 633-2233. At Signsational Graphics, we can answer all of your questions and get your company started with the mobile advertising program.