Get Creative With Custom Lobby Signs for Twin Cities Businesses

A bobby sign is the first impression a client has of your business and often is the focal point of your office. A great sign will make an impression on each person who enters your door, your new and existing clients, people with whom you do business and your employees. You need to insure the reception that person feels is one you want to portray. A well designed lobby sign is an investment that will continue to work for you every day.

Lobby signs are customized to reflect the unique image of your company. We created a different type of sign for each company image. We use metals like aluminum and copper, and PVC, acrylics and even foam. These can be mounted directly on your interior walls or stand off for a deeper dimensional appearance. The positioning of your entire logo will achieve your company image through a variety of options. Your lobby sign is a reflection of your business.

Signsational Graphics can ensure your unique impact on all who enter your office. We work with you to create a custom lobby sign incorporating your font, logo and color giving your brand and reflecting the image you want.

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