Featured Project: Custom Logo Stencil for Harvest Pack

We love doing projects that are a little different than the typical request. We recently worked with Harvest Pack to produce a custom logo stencil that they then took and made this gorgeous rustic sign. The paint was applied on a pallet of reclaimed wood and is a gorgeous background for their logo colors. Keep reading to find out more about their wonderful organization!

Harvest Pack is a humanitarian organization which serves the needs of both local and international communities. Many relief organizations just work in developing countries, but Harvest Pack leaders recognize that food insecurity – not knowing where the next meal is coming from – exists far too frequently here at home: 14.5 percent of households in the U.S. are “food insecure” and one in six families struggles with hunger, and hunger is an issue that compounds challenges with housing, safety, education, mental health, spirit and community…truly all aspects of life.


To date Harvest Pack has funded its operations through its work: organizations of all sizes host meal-packaging events in their local communities, and funds received by event hosts – businesses, K-12 schools, universities and religious institutions – cover the ingredients, supply, freight and some organizational overhead expenses.


Our mission is Healthy food on every table.


Harvest Pack doesn’t categorize people. We understand that a strong community comes from team work and a commitment to provide healthy meals for everyone. We are about us helping us.