Featured Project: Church Digital Monument Sign

When the weather warms up in Minnesota, it’s the perfect time to get new digital monuments up and running. For Immanuel Lutheran, we started the process a few months ago to evaluate their needs, come up with the perfect design, and present it to their board. We had a lot of fun with this one, especially since we were incorporating an existing structure: the steel cross.

The cross was already on the property, and we designed the sign to sit right next to it. The lit upper portion features their signature colors, logo, and font, with the lower digital panel mimicking the same design with a powerful message. It’s perfect for catching the attention of passersby that travel on daily on the major adjoining road.

The top portion of this sign is a black, internally illuminated cabinet with white polycarbonate faces. The graphics applied are translucent, digital prints. In the middle, we have a full color electronic message center that was provided from well-known digital sign manufacturer, Watchfire. Finally, the bottom is a simple .080 black aluminum base.

There are several benefits to digital signage, but the main one is how eye-catching it is. Dynamic, moving images with color and impactful messages will grab anyone’s attention, whether they are walking or driving by. It also gives the establishment a more professional feel, as digital signage tends to be an impressive addition. Digital signs are also great for organizations and places of worship because it’s a simple way to communicate information to the community and members of your parish.

If you’re interested in exploring your options for dynamic digital signage, give Signsational Graphics a call at 651 633-2233. Our sales staff will work closely with you to identify what digital signage system is right for your needs and  your budget.