Exploring Your Options: LED Signage, Pt. 1

At Signsational Graphics, we believe in Watchfire Signs and their LED Signage solutions. The following is an article written by Dave Warns of Watchfire Signs on the benefits of LED signage, and where to find room in your budget for one.

LED signs offer flexible, dynamic and high-definition messaging that is simply unmatched by other signage solutions. An LED sign in front of any business speaks volumes about the company’s willingness to invest in their company and desire to communicate effectively with their customers. Yet, with all the benefits of LED signs, they are still a significant investment for any business. We work with companies every day to help them recognize an LED sign purchase as an advertising expenditure, rather than a capital investment.

The Real Power of LED Signs
Business owners often question whether they can afford to enhance their location with an LED sign and feel constrained by their budget for a capital investment. In fact, LED signs are much more than just an upgrade to a physical location-they are an advertising tool. The Small Business Administration (SBA) cites signs as the most effective, yet least expensive form of advertising for the small business. LED signs in particular are one of the most powerful advertising tools for increasing traffic and sales. Looking at LED signs from this perspective changes the math, literally, and shows why a company’s advertising budget should be considered when purchasing an LED sign.

Advertising that Works for You
There are numerous benefits to LED advertising that are simply unmatched among traditional advertising platforms like television, radio and newspapers. With an LED sign, you can set your own schedule, running messages for as long or as short as you want. You can even switch the message rotation throughout the day. Television, radio and newspapers cannot offer this kind of flexibility, without being completely cost prohibitive. LED signs also give businesses the flexibility to adapt to any changing situation. LED signs can advertise umbrellas during a rainstorm or advertise a special promotion after a local sports team wins. Restaurants with a surplus of a certain food or dish after the lunch rush can advertise a dinner special. The opportunities are endless. No other traditional advertising medium offers businesses this kind of flexibility and adaptability for their messaging. Social media comes close, but frequently a company’s “fans” or “followers” are spread out over a wide geographic area. Geographic proximity is another big benefit to LED sign advertising. The opportunity for a company to communicate with potential customers already at their front door is invaluable. We hear from business owners all the time that their LED sign has brought in new customers who report they “saw the sign outside and decided to stop in and check them out.”

Calculating the CPM
LED sign advertising is an incredibly cost-effective advertising tool. This is measured by calculating an advertisement’s cost per 1,000 impressions, or CPM. LED signs have an incredibly low CPM, as little as $0.15, in a typical American town. For comparison, an average newspaper CPM is over $7. A low CPM means a business can reach a much broader audience for less money. The chart below shows a comparison of average audience reach and cost per month of a few traditional advertising mediums versus LED signs.

Because LED signs are such a smart advertising tool, we recommend diverting some of your advertising budget to help pay for your LED sign. Many companies find that they can reduce their budgets for radio, television and newspaper ads because their LED sign is so effective. If you are considering an LED sign purchase, do the math. Look at your local advertising options, their expected audience reach and calculate the CPM for yourself.

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