Exploring Your Options: Carved Routed Signs

Carved Sign DetailsSandblasted, engraved, and routed signs are a simple and sophisticated way to transform regular exterior signage into long-lasting works of art.

Virtually all businesses strive to achieve a distinct style, and custom sandblasted and engraved wooden signs provide just that. Unlike a traditional monument and building sign, an outdoor routed and sandblasted sign provides a rustic, color-fitting look that is suitable for nearly any business.

Recent technologies have changed the trend in routed and sandblasted signs. Once solely wood, they are now manufactured from high density urethane (HDU). With all of the beauty of a sandblasted and routed wood, HDU does not crack or warp and it is much lighter. This saves money on shipping raw materials, and that savings is passed on to our customers through lower installation costs.

Signsational Graphics will assist in the design, creation and installation for all of your sandblasted and routed signage needs. Call us today at 651 633-2233 to find your perfect signage solution.