Exploring Your Options: Channel Letters

Channel LettersChannel letters are an extremely visible way to highlight and display your business. Not only are they great for broadcasting your location, but your reputation and image as well. In Minnesota, our winter daylight is shortened, so adding illumination to channel letters helps the public notice your business, extending the hours your message is visible.

You can find this style of exterior lettering in two varieties, with the most common type being “face lit”.  These are manufactured with internal LEDs and the light shines beautifully through the letters. The other option is called, “reverse channel lettering”, and this type is built so that the light exits out the back of the letter, thus illuminating the mounting surface with a sophisticated silhouette. Both are great choices for businesses, and are conveniently available in any number of colors and finishes. When it comes to installing your new business wall sign, channel letters can be mounted on a long box, or raceway, for the electrical components, or even placed individually. Truly, channel letters give you limitless possibilities.

Turning a company name and logo into an effective channel letter sign is a challenge we enjoy. Let Signsational Graphics help you design, fabricate, and install channel letters for your building that are perfect for your Twin Cities business. Call us at 651 633-2233 and we will happily consult with you to find the best solution to your sign needs.