Effective Design Tips for Unconventional Graphics

Universal Display and Floor Graphics by Signsational GraphicsWhen designing floor and sidewalk graphics, you want to be sure that your advertisement is clear, simple, enticing, and most of all, leads the customer straight to your product or business.  Here are some steps for designing an eye-catching and effective floor or sidewalk graphic.

1.  Keep It Simple:  Even if your product has many uses, pick just one point to advertise.  Floor graphics are hard to miss, but customers see them quickly, so don’t try to say too much.  Design a graphic that uses just one slogan, idea, or image that you want the customer to remember about your business or product.

2. Use Color:   Vivid colors like red, yellow or orange will catch the customer’s eye.  You might also want to consider using an unusual combination of colors like yellow/purple, red/black, silver/blue, or green/orange to make your floor graphics stand out.  However, if your brand or label has a unique color, be sure to include that color so that you point the customer’s eyes to your product.

3.  Show off Your Product: Creatively written television ads may keep the product a secret, but you can’t afford to do that in floor graphics. If the colors or slogan on the graphic don’t make your product clear in an instant, you should add a picture of the product itself, or a satisfied customer using it.

4.  Consider Your Customer:  Your font and design should appeal to your target audience, so keep them in mind while in the process. Teenagers like an edgier style and somewhat unconventional, artsy graphics. Singles want something that is fun and unique. Parents are concerned with issues like safety and nutrition. Older adults are convinced more easily by clear familiar fonts and attractively displayed information, rather than style.

5.  Keep Fonts Readable:  When you choose your fonts, be sure that they will be easily readable from various distances when someone is walking by.  Unusual fonts can catch the eye, but if a customer can’t read them, they won’t get your message.

At Signsational Graphics, we take all of these factors into consideration when designing floor and sidewalk graphics for our clients. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 651 633-2233 for a free consultation and quote regarding your next exciting marketing endeavor.