Effective Advertising with Truck Lettering & Decals


Reflective Graphics

Truck lettering and decals are cost-effective moving billboards. It doesn’t matter if you are a small business owner that needs a low cost marketing outlet or a large corporation looking to wrap your whole fleet. Any and every vehicle your company uses could be turned into a mobile ad campaign that takes your message or brand to potential clients. Signsational Graphics maximizes your visibility for your fleet project with state of the art design, materials and installation techniques onto the trucks, trailers, cabs and box trucks.

Increase Your Advertising, Not Your Budget

The effectiveness of truck lettering and decals has unparalleled market impact. According to the American Trucking Association, 91% of people notice words and pictures when displayed on a vehicle. The impact of your marketing will be further magnified the more vehicles you wrap. The American Trucking Association also reported that vehicles in metro areas are seen by 14 million people each year. That’s more exposure than with those old expensive billboards that stay in one place.

Make an Impression
Don’t limit your truck lettering and truck decals to just the name of your company and contact information. Your vehicle should stand out and get noticed. They should reflect the style and uniqueness of you and your company. With one truck being seen by so many people and making sure they remember your brand is good advertising value. However, imagine if those same people that see your ad on one truck saw your ad several more times in a period of a few days. That can be some powerful marketing with great results.
Stop wasting your advertising budget on out of date methods that never worked very well to begin with. Do start getting the most from your advertising dollar and marketing system with truck lettering and decals. The smart way to drive in more business. To get your logo on your trucks, complete our free quote form or give us a call.

Increase Company Exposure
You want every single advertising dollar you spend to be stretched to its limit, well nothing gets your message out there more clearly or more quickly than company truck lettering and decals. You can easily change your messages whenever your marketing needs change. With the affordable cost of vehicle decals, you can effectively target any audience, promote special events or products and market your brand. The flexibility and mobility of truck lettering and decals provides your business with affordable and broad-reaching marketing power that is unmatched in the field today.