Drive Sales in 2012

Transit Van AdvertisingGraphics on cars, trucks and vans are an effective way to get your name, brand and message to consumers. It’s 2012 and everyone is making new sales plans. Consider these basic facts.

Vehicle advertising reaches consumers who might not be exposed to your ads through traditional media. Reach beyond the confines of newspapers, magazines, radio and television.

Messages on vehicles reach extremely attractive demographic groups. Drivers who are on routinely the roads are frequently members of sought-after income & age demographic groups.

Vehicle advertising is both cost effective and affordable.

Consider these 6 different audiences one $20,000 advertisement buy could reach:
•Value Pak — 6 mailer drops with 100,000 addresses per drop and multiple advertisers per mail piece;
•Billboards — 750,000 impressions in one month
•Direct mail — 20,000 names with one postcard mailer
•City buses — 600,000 impressions in two months
•Radio– 900,000 listeners over 6 weeks in 10-12 spots
•Vehicle Ads — 6-10 vehicles with 1 million+ impressions per vehicle for one year


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