Customer Attraction?

Be brief, bright and then, they’ve driven by the sign and they’re gone! To grab attention in those few seconds the print size and message is crucial. There are many examples of signs which have print too small and they are not getting the attention they deserve. This often happens when the advertiser squeezes too much information into that limited area. The bottom line: They can’t read it all!

A reputable sign company knows how to make your sign effective through the use of solid, eye-catching images, text relaying your message and proper lettering size. A simple rule is to use letters that are 1 inch high for every 12 feet of distance from the viewer. For example, lettering that is 50 feet away will be readable if the letters are 4 inches tall. The same applies for viewing images. Large, simple graphics are more effective than small, detailed graphics.

Ideally, your sign will attract potential customers with large, legible letters and effective, brand recognizing graphics. Your sign is your business welcome mat.