Custom Wall Wraps Wow!

Custom wall wraps were created to provide atmosphere to any space which needs to catch your potential customers’ eyes or business associates pride.  We’ve seen and installed some great backdrops like a Paris street café, a surfer “catching a wave” in a sporting goods store, maps of office locations and even a company logo emblazoned on a conference room wall. Wall murals add the ‘wow’ factor to a space that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Everyone has seen the mall store wraps. They hid the empty space as it is getting remodeled. The logos, colors and messages are exactly what every company uses to state their own message. Graphic print wallpaper is typically applied by a professional paper hanger. It is removed the same way you remove regular wallpaper. While we’ve seen an surge in temporary vinyl wall graphics, wallpaper murals take the old fashion route. Wallpaper offers a complete coverage on a large, flat, untextured surface.

Have you considered a wall mural by a professional artist? Consider custom digital wallpaper as a good alternative – lower cost, less time to fabricate and quicker to install.  Which means the change of your environment is easily managed, staying in your time and cost budgets. Additionally, the images are photo-realistic, so they provide a real look and feel.  The hardest part?  Finding a high resolution image that reflects exactly what you want.  You’ll want to consult with your custom wall wrap sign company to help with the choices.

To create an ethnic atmosphere in your business, whether a restaurant, dental office or polishing up your corporate image in an office, lobby or a conference room, contact Signsational Graphics for a consultation. We will help your image.