Creative Advertising for Cars, Trucks & Vans

Nelson Cheese & Deli

Who doesn’t notice Nelsons’ vans? It’s a reminder of Delicious lunches!

Cars! Hot rods, classics, kit cars, junkers. foreign or domestic. With as much time Americans spend commuting, we all see hundreds, if not thousands, of cars per year. How is that possible, you ask? Well, the nonprofit group CEOs for Cities reported in 2010 that residents of the metropolitan areas with the greatest amount of urban sprawl (including, among others, Nashville, Detroit and Indianapolis) spend up to 240 hours per year in “rush hour” traffic. That’s the equivalent of spending 6 work weeks in, around, between and among cars. Yikes!

With all these Americans spending all this time looking at all these cars and with companies looking for any and all ways to advertise their products/services and distinguish themselves from the competition, you’d think more advertisers would use the automobile for attracting attention to what it is they’re trying to sell.

Bumper stickers. Door sign magnets. Decals. Custom lettering. And the increasingly popular car wraps, both full and partial. These are all great ways to promote products and services. If drivers are supposed to keep their eyes on the road and other vehicles, why not use those vehicles as a canvass upon which to display creative marketing campaigns?

As an L.A. driver, I spend a great deal of time behind the wheel. Now, notwithstanding the fact that my air conditioning works and my car sound system rocks, I still have plenty of time to look around (only through the windshield, of course!). And all I see are cars. So I read bumper stickers. Count the number of family members and pets represented by those stick figures on the back of SUVs and pickup trucks. Try to memorize slogans on signs on cars and trucks. Look for car wraps, the form of advertising that envelops a car like a sheath. Hard to miss? You bet. Easy to remember? Absolutely.

Although using cars to promote your wares reaches, by and large, the same or similar audience as billboards, it is a considerably less expensive way to publicize what you’re selling. So, regardless of the type of advertising you choose, cars are a great vehicle to get your message across.