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Signsational Graphics proudly presents this series of wall graphics for Ortho Rehab Specialists. Ortho Rehab Specialists are downtown and in Edina. These graphics are place in highly polished acrylic panel which beautifully display the graphics. The 3D panels are held off the wall with brushed aluminum stand off bolts which complete the look.

The Ortho Rehab Specialists’ wall graphics highlight the company rebranding while showing clients healthful pleasures of healthy bodies. Corporate rebranding are changes or upgrades to a business logo, packaging, advertising and even the quality of the service or products. These are ways the general public sees or hears about the company.  Making a change to the corporate brand will affect the public perception of the company, product or service.

Rebranding is a marketing strategy to reintroduce the new name, logo or product to develop a different identity. These changes refresh the image of the company through marketing and advertising. Since the early 2000’s rebranding has become a popular method of revitalizing consumer thoughts about a company or product. There is a tremendous impact which involves a strategy around the different levels of customer thought and vision.

Signsational Graphics has assisted many brands regenerate market interest and builds visual branding solutions. If your company is going through a rebranding, Call Signsational Graphics at 651 633-2233, we’d love to help. We design, fabricate and install all types of corporate graphics from acrylic signs to custom wallpaper.