Channel Letters Get Your Business Noticed

img_5883Being noticed brings foot traffic through your door and puts cash in the till. What do potential customers see when they look at your place of business? Your store front can be a powerful tool to attract attention and make people curious to know more about your business.

Make a Unique Statement, Day or Night!

Signs and channel letters can transform a nondescript storefront or spot in a strip mall into an attention magnet. Raised channel letter signs with LED or neon lighting installed are especially effective in the evening hours. Potential customers that are driving or walking by will easily be able to find your business at any time of the day. Lit channel letters are a professional and recognizable way to advertise your business.

Durable and Distinctive

Durability, as well as visual appeal, makes channel letter signage a good method for getting your business seen. Each letter is molded from long wearing aluminum alloys and faced with durable acrylic material or polycarbonate in your choice of colors. Channel letters can be fitted with energy efficient LED lighting or brilliant neon light fixtures to create your own distinctive look. It is an excellent way to reinforce brand recognition and attract customers.

Signsational Graphics is ready to assist you to make your own unique statement. Call us at 651 633-2233 to discuss the designs, colors, and lighting options available to build professional channel letter signs to get your business noticed.