Catching Their Eye, Or Walking On By?

If you’re one of the businesses planning on attending the 30+ trade shows left in the Twin Cities for the year, are you (and your customers) happy with your display? It will be your first and best chance to attract attention, especially when you’re typically no more than a few feet from a competitor. If you’re not representing your business at industry trade shows, why not? Trade show attendance is on the rise, with the most widely attended shows being for the financial, transportation, communication, and hospitality industries. It is a great avenue for you to acquire contacts, introduce products, meet colleagues, and maybe even be featured by the local media. So, whether you are starting from scratch or updating an old display, what kinds of things do you need to consider before making the final decision?

What is your budget?

The structure and design options for trade show displays are endless, so it is important to figure out your budget and plan accordingly. You will want to consider the number of times you are planning on using it throughout the year, as well as how long you expect it to stay looking sharp and relevant. Then, you can think of the price in terms of cost per show (or year) and evaluate how much to allot for that coveted eye-catching appearance. Also, what are the other guys doing and how will you appear next to them? This leads us in to …

Is the display professional? How does it look when compared to the competition?

Your display only has a few seconds to grab the attendee’s attention before they move on to the next booth, which likely is a competitor. Using simple text combined with bold graphics is a sure-fire way to draw interest and start a conversation.

Will you have enough space and lighting?

For space, you need to consider how much area you’ve rented at the venue and the size of your chosen display. It is important to create an open and welcoming space that is both conducive to networking and won’t become overcrowded, thus deterring others from stopping by. As for lighting, can attendees easily read your promotional materials? Inadequate lighting can make the most creative display look dark and unwelcoming.

In the end, less is more.

Trade show displays should be both informative and universal, so that you aren’t limited to using it only a few times, or only while running a specific promotion. This is accomplished with a short, simple message and graphics that work across all of your marketing efforts.


After you have settled on a display that fits your marketing strategy, don’t ignore the power of promotional products (pens, notepads, tote bags) that go with it. According to the Advertising Specialty Institute, 81% of attendees keep these items purely for their practicality. When thinking about that statistic, it seems foolish to not send people home with your logo on a piece they will have for months, possibly years!

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