Branded Directional Signage For Twin Cities Businesses

Directional Signage ADA Compliant Saint Paul MinneapolisGreat directional signage isn’t as simple as throwing your company’s name on a wall. Your building’s entrance is the first presentation your customers will see and you want to make sure it serves to raise their expectations–not lower them. Entrance and directional signage is a tool and, when designed by a professional, it will always leave a remarkable impression with your customers.

Your entrance sign needs to speak to your brand and make the customer feel comfortable. It shouldn’t overload them with information, but feature a concise and informative message. A sophisticated entrance sign builds trust with the customer and tells them you aren’t a gimmick. It will often be the first thing they see and you want them to notice consistency and strength.

Once they step foot inside your doors, you need a seamless transition through your store or offices and savvy directional signage will define those transitions. It will tell your customers, “We don’t care about your wallet; we care about your experience with us.” Directory signs need to be color coded, legible, and easy to understand. There should be no questions when looking at a good directory that is bolstered by polished and competent way-finding signs.

Furthermore, signs cost a business merely pennies in comparison to advertising on television or radio. They help visually cement your brand and give your customers an icon to remember. Work with your budget and find what fits your business model. Every budget can afford to cut the red tape of customer advertising and ensure your customers take the mental and visual elevator to your business–not the stairs.

Signsational Graphics has always kept these principles in mind when creating unique designs. We take pride in our great responsibility to ensure your customers are given a user-friendly environment through your entrance and directional signage. Give us a call at 651 633-2233 to get started on your directional and way-finding signage project.