Big Banners for Big Revenue

Custom Banner Advertising by Signsational Graphics

Before the current surge of Internet advertising and promotions, the primary way that a business established themselves in the eyes of the public was through banners and flags. Designed to be eye-catching enough to hold the viewers’ attention, they were an important avenue to deliver a message. The time-tested success of this method continues to shine through even today, as the most prominent businesses institute a marketing plan that incorporates both online and offline methods of promotion.

Handing out business cards, making cold calls from a list of prospective clients, television commercials and advertisement banners are some of the most popular methods by which businesses promote their services offline. Each has exclusive benefits, as well as their own unique downsides.

Business cards suffer from various problems, the first being that they are often effort-and-travel intensive, as their distribution is usually confined to a localized area. They also suffer from a more subtle problem – recipients tend to fold them and immediately place the card into their wallet or pocket, where it is often thrown away later. Cold-calls are, frankly, usually unwelcome. Television commercials have the potential for reaching a huge audience; however, this fact is reflected in the exorbitant price, which is often too great for even many large businesses to seriously consider. Lastly, banners and flags with bold advertisements have the potential for a wide reach, without nearly the cost of a commercial. If well cared for and maintained, they can look crisp and beautiful for multiple seasons to come.

Advertisement banners further tend to remain in the public consciousness because, unlike cards, you don’t have to depend on the customer keeping the card to be reminded of the service whenever it may be needed. Banners are ever-present and, when properly located, can serve as constant, unobtrusive reminders in the same way that a television commercial might. Ultimately, banners and flags situated optimally can bring in big revenue directly, while saving money, time, and effort in a business’ marketing plan.

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