Benefits of Illuminated Signs for Twin Cities Businesses

Channel Letter Sign by Signsational Graphics Twin CitiesIn order to develop your brand identity, you need communicate your brand to the public in the most effective, eye-grabbing, and influencing manner possible. Businesses are constantly competing over customers and in order to get a good share of them, you need to create brand name awareness. A good place to start is with your signage. It is an important component of your business brand identity development and makes your business known to consumers. It also serves as a beacon to guide customers straight to your location.

Illuminated signs are preferred because they are more engaging than other signs and therefore easily grab the attention of readers. Signs are very important tools in the business communication process, as well as in creating awareness. Considering that signage is essentially the least expensive and most effective form of advertising, it is important to understand that an illuminated sign does not only play the role of displaying your name, but also directing people into your business.

Statistics show that in the United States, of the 85% of customers that work within a 5-mile radius of your business, about 18.6% relocate annually. This means that there is new a population coming in and another going out. Keeping ahead of the competition means you need to ensure that the population coming is aware of your business and why they should do business with you.
Using illuminated signs produces effective visual image presentation for your business name, logo, corporate colors, catchphrase, addresses, and other relevant signage information. In addition, it also creates awareness where customers remember your business first whenever they want to make a buying decision. Top-of-the-mind awareness is created through repetitive behavior and perceptional creation on the mind of the customer.

A sign speaks something about your business. It is perhaps the first thing that consumers come in contact with before they visit your store or consume your products and therefore, should create the right image. The first impression lasts. An illuminated sign can create a positive and lasting image for your business, thus triggering a buyer to make a preconceived decision.

This is a decision that a customer can make even before seeing your product. If you’re ready to update or completely redesign your business signage, give us a call at 651 633-2233. We are ready to help you come up with something that is perfect for your image and true to your brand.