Art in the Workplace

Many people have written on the importance of art in the workplace, but what can you really expect from it? Well, incorporating the appropriate type and amount of décor can have several positive impacts, such as:

Improved employee morale and productivity

Having appealing and positively distracting art and other décor can provide a sense of comfort and relief to employees. An interesting source of visual stimulation can aid in getting the creative juices flowing, helping staff think a little more ‘outside the box’ when it comes to their work. Morale is often impacted as well, because employees will appreciate that the business took time and resources to provide them with a better work environment.

Improved perception of the company by stakeholders

The pieces displayed can (and will) communicate a lot about the company’s values and culture. Blank walls are a missed opportunity for advertising, or simply to greet customers with a great first impression. And, just like employees, these other stakeholders will appreciate the time and money it took to successfully incorporate art into the work environment.

Differentiated company image

Business art is an excellent way to help define the company’s image, which is why it can easily set your business apart from the competition. Selecting the perfect pieces that match existing marketing materials reinforces the brand and adds familiarity.

At Signsational Graphics, we love to help businesses find works of art that fit into their company image. These pieces look magnificent as vinyl graphics for the walls, windows, and floors, or as printed wallpaper. We’ll even print works on canvas, giving them a genuine painted look! Call us today at 651 633-2233 to take the first steps toward a beautiful new workplace.