A Rejuvenated Sign Makes All the Difference

Minnesota State Fair ArtWith the great Minnesota get-together just around the corner, is your business ready to put its best foot forward? The fair has been known to attract crowds in the millions over its 12-day span, providing a large customer pool for those operating both inside and outside the fairgrounds. With this in mind, it may be the perfect time to repair or refresh your existing signage.

Fairgoers have an innumerable amount of options when it comes to food and merchandise during their visit, and many will make at least a portion of their purchasing decision based on booth appearance. If your signage is old and out of date, you may lose their business to the next guy over with a fresh image.

For an event like the Minnesota State Fair, there are a variety of signs and advertising accessories that are affordable, attractive, and easy-to-obtain, even at the last minute.


Banners of all sizes are simple and quick to produce, and they are perfect for outdoor events. In some instances, you can even sell advertising space on them!

Sandwich Boards

Sandwich boards are great for advertising your deals or specials of the day since they are portable and easily changed. Also, they are tough and weather-resistant, helping you increase business rain or shine.

Vinyl Graphics & Lettering

Graphics and lettering let you add a personalized style to your space, making branding a cinch. Vinyl will stand up to the weather conditions and even help protect the surface underneath.


At events like the fair, people love freebies. Having something to hand out that features your company logo will increase brand awareness, as well as add to your recall rate.

So, whether you are looking for completely new signage, or just to refresh what you currently have, Signsational Graphics is there for you. We are located near the fairgrounds and will work hard to get your signs ready for the big day. Also, if you realize you need any new or additional signage at any point during the fair, don’t hesitate to give us a call! We can be reached during normal business hours at 651 633-2233.