A New Look for the New Year

Digital Signage By Signsational GraphicsDigital signage is an attractive and infinitely changeable way of relaying messages to your customers. Examples of digital signs include restaurant menu systems, corporate lobby displays, way finding signage, malls advertising or announcements, and community areas or schools. Affordable and easy to use digital signage allows easy company messaging updates while reducing print and administrative costs. Why settle for a manual sign that requires you to stand out in the freezing snow to change the message?

Digital signs can handle a variety of tasks. They can advertise, promote, or inform individuals with all types of information. Digital signage excels in many areas where traditional signs fall short. Gone are the days of printing and re-printing signs every time a product changes or a menu needs updating.

Why Digital Signage?

Simply put, digital signs are paving the way for the future of advertising allowing for an infinite degree of customization. Designs are limited only by your imagination. The variety of information that can be displayed coupled with the speed and ease of use make these types of signs an unparalleled solution for your business world.

Key features of digital signage include, but are not limited to:

  • Scalable – signage devices are electronic and sizes are no longer fixed. Companies can easily scale content to meet the dimensions of the display. The content is enhanced by the size of the display, rather than restricted by it.
  • Dynamic – the most convenient part of this type of signage is its ability to change. Signage that requires frequent changes are no longer a lengthy and cumbersome process. Displays can be changed in mere seconds to fit your needs.
  • Immersive – Studies show that people consider digital signage more eye catching and less annoying than other forms of advertising.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of implementing digital signage varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. There are a host of different variables to take into account, such as the cost of a display, digital signage controller, cabling, content creation, content management systems, and even system integration. The combined price of these components plays a crucial factor in determining both your budget and consequently, the quality of your signage solution. It’s important to accurately assess the needs of your business in order to get the best fit, as negligence on this part can result in severely overpaying.

If you’re ready to give your business a new sleek and professional image for 2015, don’t hesitate to give Signsational Graphics a call at 651 633-2233. We are excited to help your business grow in the new year.