A Different Kind of Signage: Lightboxes

Illuminated Wall GraphicsA lightbox is used for signage typically outside a business to help advertise the location of the business. However, they can be used inside a window of the business to advertise special offers among other things. Lightboxes illuminate with fluorescent lamps or LED’s that glow through the image on the front of the light box, promoting the business logo, promotion, or product. Illuminated signs help build your brand image as they are easily seen at night and throughout the day. Using a lightbox, your illuminated sign will not only help advertise a business continuously, but help save energy too.

They do not use up as much electricity as one may think and conveniently come in various sizes. For example, a restaurant may use a small lightbox to display their menu, while a gym may use a large lightbox to display their latest equipment. The choices for designs of these illuminated signs are seemingly endless. Each business can have their logo on each lightbox, anywhere and everywhere they decide to place them. This helps build a strong brand image by displaying it to customers continuously, reinforcing it in their minds. One design is that they can be ultra slim with LED lighting around its edges, or in a very large Flex Face format.

In summary, there are various benefits to using lightboxes and other illuminated signs for business:

•Great for advertising

•Promoting your logo


•Custom shapes and sizes

•Catches customers attention