5 Quick Tips for a Successful Trade Show

Being an exhibitor at a trade show takes a lot of commitment financially, emotionally, and can take your resources away from regular business.  Now that you have allocated the necessary resources to the show, we must turn this into a revenue-earning, lead-generating machine.  Every little bit of extra effort in proper execution, setup, and preparedness is rewarded many times over.

Let’s focus on the trade show display and the benefits a well-designed, thought out display can bring; This is the main attraction for your customer or potential client.  Here are five tips for a successful exhibit:

1)      Have three or four elements in your booth, but have a clear, concise message

The goal isn’t to fill your booth up with as many displays as possible, as this will only confuse the message. Focus on the brand’s image, the product, and any special promotion made available at the show.  Limit the amount of text, but give the audience a reason to stop and inquire about your product or services.

2)      Have visual graphics that catch the eye of potential customers

A picture captures a viewer’s attention much more than text itself because we know, “a picture is worth a 1000 words”.  When the show has a plethora of exhibitors, your need to stand out and seize the attention of a potential customer increases tenfold. To make a larger impression, utilize a few relevant, high-quality pictures to represent what your company is offering.

3)      Floor graphics can put your exhibit at the leading edge of design

This is another great way to make a lasting impression with potential customers. Sometimes you may notice visitors walking the show with their head down and this is the perfect way to grab their attention. A well-designed floor graphic can draw their eyes upwards and towards your booth, giving you an opportunity to engage them in conversation.

4)      Use a theme that gets attention

Having a theme to the booth inspires people, especially a theme that symbolizes your image. If your brand image is fun, professional, religious, sports-oriented, healthy, educational, or anything in between, make the theme match the brand.  This will reinforce your previous marketing efforts and drive sales.

5)      Replace your tired old display with a new exhibit

The last thing you want your exhibit to represent is “old and out-of-date”.  If the display hasn’t been updated, a fresh new look is practically guaranteed to increase the return on the show.  Also, any type of noticeable repairs (i.e. duct tape) is a big turnoff to new customers as it represents poor quality.